Object projecting stages:  



technical task
an agreement of a project purposes and
problems, it’s volume, terms, expenses.
written contract,
the development of technical
task (TT)
a specification of TT which
can be changed during design
a design
predesign researches: gathering and analysis of
analogues, disclosing of relations
if it’s necessary it can be: a text,
infographics, tables, a visual
number, a founder made drafts,
a photo or drawings of
approved TT
sketch offers
the project concept development and an
design offer.
an sketches (a free technique –
pancils, pens, markers, plane
table and so on…) At the
stage are usually offered 2-3 or
more variants.
add: search breadboard
models (paper, plasticine)
selection of the decision for the
further elaboration. In certain
cases when it’s difficult to chose
the best variant, it’s possible to continue
the work simultaneously in 2 directions
usually it’s not meaningful to develop more
than 2 directions.
a design
detailed study of the form final arrangement
of product.
the visualization of 3-D graphics,
arrangement drawings with
dimensional plugs.
add: move detailed search bread
board model (plasticine, clay,
plastic, metal, actual materials
of a projected product.)
the preparation of the full documentation
necessary for start in manufacture.
CAD-model, working drawings
of all details, assembly drawing.
Add: prototyping.
Finished product creation in a single copy of
a small series for carrying out of tests.
preproduction model
improvement of
the preproduction
product supply with ad
attributes: the development of
instructions packing, graphic
posters, professional
photosession, advertising.

Services: We are engaged in a full cycle of working out an industrial product. We can incur both all development stages and any of separately taken stages.

Each of stages can be supplied with a corresponding presentation material-interactive presentations (Flash-presentations, Power Point presentations, video clips).

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